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Domaine Franck Besson


Franck Besson artisan et créateur de vins
Franck Besson

My story

It all started in 2001, when my heart succumbed to the love for wine and the magic of this extraordinary region. Since that day, my life has been linked to the creation of wines, which has led to my deep love for the vine and the terroir.

My estate is nestled at the foot of the cruJulianas, in the heart of the splendid terroirs ofBeaujolais-villages.

The granitic soils of the estate's hillsides allow Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc to produce fruity, full-bodied wines that keep very well. It should be noted that the harvest is entirely picked by hand, even for the rosé wines.

The wines are totallyelaborated by me at the estate.


Agroecology occupies a central place in my viticultural practices. I engage in regeneration and enrichment of soil fertility,thus promoting a flourishing biodiversity and strengthening the autonomy of my estate. Every day I work in harmony with nature, in order to obtain quality local wines, while preserving the environment that surrounds them.


The objective is to obtain local wines from aqualitative viticulture while respecting the environment. Eachbottle that leaves my domain is the result of an infinite passionand a constant search for excellence.


Our Terroirs

Franck Besson

At the heart of our wine estate, we are fortunate tocultivate renowned Beaujolais crus. Each parcel of vines is carefully selected according to its unique terroir, which gives our wines a distinct and captivating personality. From Cru Juliénas to Cru Chénas via Beaujolais Village, but also Burgundy wines, our vineyards bear witness to the incredible diversity of our region.


A know-how

Franck Besson

My wines induce my dedication toagroecology, offering a unique harmony between nature and winemaking. Each step, from the vine to the glass, is carefully orchestrated:

The traditional methodmakes it possible to give life to sparkling wines of unequaled richness, and thebarrel aging for reds allows to create a depth that will delight your senses.

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